How to have a fun wedding: get a photo booth!

February 16, 2018

How to have a fun wedding: get a photo booth!

Debbi:  What makes a photo booth a fun, unique feature to add to a wedding or event?

Tim:  It actually provides an instant takeaway at each event. You go in the booth, you take three photos, and then either email, text, or share them instantly! It brings in that novelty aspect that a lot of weddings and events are looking for.

Debbi:  It’s something a little bit different and a little bit fun for people to do at these types of events and weddings. Sometimes you’re waiting at the reception for the bride and groom to go take pictures or something like that, and there’s a little down time there. It provides a little something for people to do during those time.

Tim:  Definitely. We do a lot of cocktail hours. We’ll stay there during dinner, and then it also is a nice break from the dance floor. If you need a breather to get off the dance floor, you can go hop in the photo booth, put on some fun props, and take a photo.

Debbi:  Photo booths really were quite popular for a while. Are they still in high demand for weddings?

Tim:  Absolutely, yes. We’re busier than ever right now. We’re doing a lot, a lot of weddings. I think it’s once people go to a wedding and see Magical Photo Booths there, then they’ll call us and want us to go their wedding. They’re in high demand right now.

Debbi:  Great. Can couples request specific props for their photo booth, to maybe match the theme of their wedding?

Tim:  Absolutely. We get a lot of requests for themed props. Some of our most popular themed props are nautical props. We’ve had some beach‑themed props. You name it we can do it for you.

Debbi:  Some people are doing a country theme or something like that. You might have cowboy hats or things like that.

Tim:  Absolutely. We’ve done a couple of country themes. We’ve done some Gatsby themes. We can do just about anything.

Debbi:  That’s a lot of fun. What if no one at the wedding uses the photo booth? Does that ever happen, or are they popular enough that people really get into it?

Tim:  Someone is always going to use the photo booth. Every once in a while, it’s a slow start, but once one person goes in and gets their text with their strip, they’ll go around the wedding, show everybody, and then before you know it we have a line.

We always send a host, who is there making sure everyone’s having a great time with the booth. If it’s slow at the beginning of the night, they might pop around to a few people, ask them if they want to take some pictures, and then it will spread like wildfire across the wedding.

Debbi:  Right. Once somebody at your table comes back and shows you their strip of pictures, you go, “Oh, where’s that? I need to go do that.”

Tim:  “I need to have some, too.” Exactly, and then they keep coming back for more, too.

Fun props or themes to use with a wedding photobooth

Debbi:  What are some fun things that past couples or clients of yours have done with the photos after the event? Do people tend to take those photo strips home with them?

Tim:  Yep. We offer unlimited photos, unlimited social media upload so they can share all their memories instantly. A lot of times, people will post them online using the bride and groom’s Twitter or Instagram hashtag right away, so that will go up on the Internet fairly quickly.

I know I’ve been to a lot of my friend’s houses who have had photo booths at their weddings and they have them right up on the fridge. We actually offer magnet sleeves that the strips slide right into, so you can bring it home and put it right on your fridge.

Then we have some great options for brides and grooms, also. We send give them a thumb drive with all of the images from the booths after their event.

It’s a really nice keepsake and something nice to have, as well.


Debbi:  That’s great. Why don’t you tell people a little bit about how they can get in touch with you, if they’re interested in renting a photo booth for their wedding or event.

Tim:  Sure. We’d love to hear from you. We are Magical Photo Booths of Central Florida. Our website is, or you can give us a call at 321.830.7775 My name is Tim. You’ll be talking with me, and I’d be happy to work out a package for any event.

Debbi:  That’s excellent information, and that sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for speaking with me today, Tim.

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